The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a historical drama film released in 2014 depicting some key parts of the life of Alan Turing. I have not seen it but suppose I should.


Benedict CumberbatchAlan Turing
Keira KnightleyJoan Clarke
Matthew GoodeHugh Alexander
Rory KinnearDetective Robert Nock
Charles DanceCommander Denniston
Mark StrongStewart Menzies
Allen LeechJohn Cairncross
Matthew BeardPeter Hilton
James NorthcoteJack Good
Tom Goodman-HillSergeant Staehl
Steven WaddingtonSuperintendent Smith
Ilan GoodmanKeith Furman
Jack TarltonCharles Richards
Alex Lawtheryoung Alan Turing
Jack BannonChristopher Morcom
Tuppence MiddletonHelen Stewart
James G. NunnSherbourne
Victioria WicksDorothy Clarke

I've found that the film industry often has an agenda other than presenting the whole truth. They want to sell their products and make themselves feel good like they're loyal little puppy dogs or big brave fearless social justice warriors because they support views that were radical or revolutionary half a century ago, but the cognitive blinders of weak and lazy minds don't permit them to see the injustices of today or how they are related to previous injustices and the details that they choose to ignore as they rewrite history to suit their own foolish, fickle purposes.

So go buy the stinking film, already. If you do happen to want to buy The Imitation Game, do it from here to support this website. Amazon helps us out when you buy from our links. Screw Amazon for selling hate.


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