Cellular Automata 3D

This is a three-dimensional cellular automaton with random rulesets using colors as the third dimension, often resulting in a psychedelic display. Press your spacebar or click anywhere to reset this program in order to see a different random cellular automaton. There are over a million different rulesets to observe using this geometry. Press 'r' to re-randomize the current automaton's cells. Press 'v' to create a void. Press '=' to view or set rules in the format 0111111011 0010100000, where the first set of numbers is the rules for when the cell is on, and the second set is for when it's off. The first one or zero tells it what a cell will do when there are zero neighbors on, the second one or zero tells what to do when there is only one neighbor on, and so on. Press 'c' to see a shorter 5-digit hex code that you may enter at the '=' prompt to reload the rules.

If you wanted the plain old regular Conway's Life, just follow the link. For a color version of life in which different colored cells don't interact, try Conway's Life Color. Enjoy.

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